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Eunkyo Do Returns to SF Go Club :)

Dear SF Go Club members!!

Long time no see! Before going to the Go Congress in Portland, I am going to stop by the SF Go Club again this year! This time I will be staying for over 6 weeks, so I hope to see you more often. The club will be open every day while I am there, so come anytime and play Go with friends and study with me!

I plan to give a lecture for beginners every Wednesday at 6pm, so introduce it to your friends who want to learn Go. And every Friday at 6pm, I plan on a variety of interesting topics for all level. Also, I'll play Simuls with 5 people every Saturday at 2pm, please sign up! This year, I'm thinking of uploading a video interviewing you all on my channel. Please give me an interview as a gift. >_<

Thank you all, looking forward to seeing you soon!!

Eunkyo Do

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