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Exciting News: Professional Go Player Kim Jiseok 9-dan to Visit SF Go Club on Tues. 10/17!

We are thrilled to announce a special event at the San Francisco Go Club that will surely excite the local Go community. On Tuesday, October 17th, at 6 pm, we will have the honor of hosting the renowned professional Go player, Kim Jiseok 9-dan!

Kim Jiseok's impressive career spans over two decades, and his list of achievements is nothing short of extraordinary. From winning world championships to earning prestigious titles, Kim Jiseok has consistently demonstrated his exceptional skill and strategic mastery in the world of Go.

Kim Jiseok's visit is a rare opportunity for Go enthusiasts to witness his brilliance up close. He will be conducting a simultaneous game, where players of all levels can challenge themselves against a true master. Additionally, Kim Jiseok is eager to meet and interact with as many Go players as possible, sharing insights and experiences.

Join us on this memorable evening of strategic brilliance and the beauty of Go. The event starts at 6 pm on Tuesday October 17th at the San Francisco Go Club. Don't miss this incredible opportunity!

See you there!

San Francisco Go Club

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