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'Go: More Than a Game' video recovered from club archives

This week we were able to recover the 1989 film from Serendipity Productions on a VHS that survived at the dojo. The video is now available to watch on YouTube and provides a rare glimpse into the San Francisco Go Club at 1881 Bush St. during that period.

Here is an excerpt from The Bulletin of the International Go Federation's 1990 yearbook regarding the film showing at the 1989 US Go Congress (Rutgers University; New Brunswick, New Jersey):

On Thursday, Liz Manning of Serendipity productions in San Francisco arrived to present 'Go: More Than A Game', a short, handsome video for the general public which she produced at the San Francisco Go Club. Although only twelve minutes long, and intended primarily as a means of raising funds to do a longer piece, this video aroused a lot of interest and sold numerous copies.

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