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Join the San Francisco Go Club in the Thrilling AGA-Pandanet City League!

Calling all Go enthusiasts and players! The San Francisco Go Club is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for the upcoming AGA-Pandanet City League. After a thrilling experience last year with two of our teams excelling in League C, we are aiming to expand our presence and build a stronger community through the beautiful game of Go.

What is the AGA-Pandanet City League?

The AGA-Pandanet City League is an annual tournament that serves multiple purposes. It provides a competitive environment for AGA players, promotes the use of the Pandanet platform for Internet Go, and fosters regional sponsorship for the game in North America. It's a fantastic opportunity for players to test their skills, enjoy the camaraderie of a team environment, and contribute to elevating the status of Go in our region.

Team Composition and Rules

The tournament features single round robin matches across several leagues (A, B, C, and D) with each league hosting up to 8 teams. Teams are comprised of 5 players—3 main players and 2 alternates to cover for any unforeseen unavailability.

It's crucial for team rosters to remain consistent throughout the season. However, should changes be necessary, they'll be addressed on a case-by-case basis by the Tournament Director (TD). Players are required to be AGA or CGA members and residents of the city they represent, ensuring a true representation of regional skill and community.

Season and Schedule

The upcoming 12th League Season runs from October 6, 2023, to August 1, 2024, with games scheduled at consistent times to accommodate participants' calendars. The full schedule is meticulously planned to avoid major holidays and events, ensuring maximum participation.

Participation and Prizes

We encourage our club members to form as many teams as possible. There are no restrictions on the number of teams a club can enter in the C league, so let's aim high! Prizes range across the leagues, with the A League winner receiving $5,000, and even C League teams stand to win cash prizes.

Why Join Through the San Francisco Go Club?

Participation in the City League is not just about competing; it's about building a sense of community, enhancing our club's reputation, and sharing our passion for Go. We believe that together, we can create teams that embody our club's spirit and continue the legacy of excellence in Go that San Francisco is known for.

How to Apply

Interested players should reach out to us with their AGA rankings and availability. We will coordinate team formations to ensure a balanced representation across the different leagues. The deadline for registration is December 10, 2023, but don't wait until the last minute—let's get our teams organized and ready for battle!

As the saying goes in Go, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single stone." Place your stone, join the journey, and let's embark on this adventure together. Contact the San Francisco Go Club today to express your interest and for further details on the application process.

Your move!

San Francisco Go Club

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