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Michael Chen Triumphs: 2023 NAGF Pro Qualification Tournament Hosted by San Francisco Go Club

In a spectacular showdown at the North American Go Federation's (NAGF) Pro Qualification Tournament, Michael Chen emerged victorious after defeating Eric Lee. Hosted by the San Francisco Go Club (SFGC), this intense competition showcased the essence of Go's strategic brilliance.

Chen's remarkable journey saw him secure pro status in his first eligible year, a testament to his dedication and talent. His adaptable playing style and efficient moves were evident throughout, and he emphasized the importance of maximizing time and enjoying the game.

Hajin Lee, NAGF's Executive Director, commended Chen's achievement and extended appreciation to all participants for their enthusiasm. Notably, Eric Lee, an SFGC member, contributed to the event's fervor, adding to the sense of camaraderie.

The SFGC's pivotal role in the tournament's success cannot be understated. The club's commitment to nurturing a vibrant Go community, steeped in the game's rich history and culture, made the event truly memorable. Special thanks were extended to the game recorders, SFGC President Matthew Barcus, the NAGF Pro Selection Committee, and TD Mike Bull. Stellar coverage of the week-long event was provided by BadukClub (be sure to catch replays here).

As the curtains fall on the NAGF Pro Qualification Tournament, the SFGC remains a cornerstone for Go enthusiasts, fostering growth and camaraderie. Congratulations to Michael Chen and all participants for an inspiring competition!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the San Francisco Go Club.

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