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North American Ing Go Cup: A Celebration of Skill at the Historic San Francisco Go Club

The San Francisco Go Club, a bastion of Go tradition and excellence, warmly welcomed participants to the North American Ing Go Cup on January 7th. This storied venue, celebrated for its unwavering dedication to the game, lent an air of heritage and distinction to the tournament. Over 70 players convened in this iconic club, immersing themselves in a day of intense competition and fellowship. Integral to the event's success was the generous sponsorship of the Ing Foundation, whose support was instrumental in bringing this vibrant gathering to life. Their contribution not only facilitated the tournament but also reinforced the spirit of the Go community.

The tournament, divided into various sections including an open section and a handicap section, saw players of all levels vying for top honors. The presence of 9-dan professional players Jiang Zhujiu and Rui Naiwei elevated the event, infusing it with their profound expertise and inspiring the participants.

In the Open section, Rui Naiwei and Duan Ninghan shared the first place, both demonstrating exceptional skill and strategy. Jeremy Chiu claimed the third spot, showcasing his remarkable talent.

The Dan division was a showcase of high-level play with Zhou Shang emerging victorious. Linden Chiu and Jerry Ju followed, securing the second and third places respectively.

David Liao won the Advanced division, with Riannie Duan and a tie between James Xie and Zhong Nan for the third position. Their games were a blend of creativity and precision.

The Intermediate division saw Zhao Youchen taking the lead, followed by Aaron Lin and Steve Zhou, who displayed promising skills and strategic depth.

In the Tenderfoot division, Fan Yinhsuan (Belle) emerged as the winner, demonstrating the bright future of Go. May Zhang and Arrow Zhang completed the top three, showing great potential.

With over $2000 in cash prizes, the tournament was not only a test of skill but also a significant opportunity for recognition in the Go community.

The San Francisco Go Club, with its rich history and dedication to fostering the game of Go, provided the perfect backdrop for this event. It continues to be a pivotal place for both seasoned players and newcomers to learn, play, and appreciate the intricate beauty of Go. The North American Ing Go Cup at this esteemed venue was more than just a tournament; it was a testament to the enduring legacy and vibrant future of Go. We eagerly anticipate next year's event, confident that it will continue to uphold the high standards set by the San Francisco Go Club.

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