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San Francisco Go Club's Mid-Autumn Festival Go Tournament Highlights

The San Francisco Go Club celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with an exciting Go Tournament on September 23rd. Let's get straight to the winners and festivities!

Division 1:

1st Place: Rujun Ding

2nd Place: Jonathan Ketner

3rd Place: Jeremy Chiu

Division 2:

1st Place: Timothy Jong

2nd Place: Casey Dahlin

3rd Place: Eon Gu

Cash prizes and certificates rewarded our skilled players. Lunch featured delicious roast duck and char siu, and everyone enjoyed mooncakes in the spirit of the festival.

The Mid-Autumn Festival Go Tournament at the San Francisco Go Club was a fantastic blend of competition and cultural celebration. Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to all participants for making it a memorable day. Stay tuned for more exciting events at our club!

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