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Spice Up Your First Friday: Chili Cook-Off and Nostalgia Night at SF Go Club! Bring a Friend!

Hey Go enthusiasts!

Get ready to spice up your Friday night at the San Francisco Go Club's First Friday event on November 3rd! We've got a sizzling Chili Cook-Off, a nostalgic video clip from over 30 years ago, and exciting club updates lined up. But here's the deal: it's always more fun with friends!

Chili Cook-Off:

Calling all chefs and taste-testers! Bring your best chili or just your appetite. It's a showdown of flavors, and we want you and your friends to be the judges. Can your chili take home the crown?

Special Viewing:

Embark on a journey through time as we share a special video clip showcasing the SF Go Club's rich history. Bring a friend to share the nostalgia and discover the roots of our amazing community.

Club Updates:

Stay in the loop with the latest from the SF Go Club. We'll discuss upcoming events, plans for the future, and ways you and your friends can dive deeper into the world of Go. Your ideas matter!

Event Details:

November 3rd

Chili Cook-Off: 5:30 pm (Bring your chili or your appetite!)

Special Video: 6:30 pm

Club Updates: 7:00 pm

This First Friday is the perfect opportunity to introduce your friends to the world of Go. Whether they're seasoned players or total newcomers, the more, the merrier! Share the excitement, the games, and the good times.

Let's make this event a gathering to remember. Bring a friend, bring your appetite, and let's have a blast together!

See you and your friends there!

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