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Stones in Play: SF Go Club's October Tournament Winners

The San Francisco Go Club orchestrated an engaging Go Tournament on October 21st, featuring strategic plays and a mix of talent. Winners emerged triumphant across divisions, adding a competitive edge to the day.

In Division 1, standout performers included:

1st Place: Jack Zheng

2nd Place: Lukasz Lew

3rd Place: Kyle Fenimore

Division 2 witnessed skillful displays from:

1st Place: Dash Zhang

2nd Place: Steve Zhou

3rd Place: Benjamin Lam

Results in Division 3 unfolded as follows:

1st Place: May Zhang

2nd Place: Yin-Hsuan Fan

3rd Place: Apollo Chen

To spice things up, Panda Express was on the menu, providing a flavorful pause between intense matches. Congratulations to all winners and participants for making the SF Go Club's October Tournament a success! 🏆 #SFGoClub #GoTournament #PandaExpress

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