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Unveiling the Stones: SF Go Club Hosts Tournament Amidst APEC 2023!

Greetings fellow Go enthusiasts!

In the spirit of strategic moves and international unity, the San Francisco Go Club is thrilled to announce a spectacular Go Tournament set to unfold on November 18th! Nestled within the vibrant backdrop of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2023 event taking place in San Francisco, our tournament aims to not only showcase our Go prowess but also welcome the esteemed guests attending the APEC summit.

Date & Time: November 18th, 12:15 pm (Check-in begins at 11:45 am)

Location: 22 Peace Plaza, Suite 501, San Francisco, CA 94115

Game Details: 3 rounds; Chinese scoring; 30m+3x20s byo-yomi time settings

As the heads of government from 21 APEC member economies converge in our city for high-stakes discussions, the SF Go Club is rolling out the black and white stones for a thrilling day of strategic battles on the Go board. Our tournament, consisting of three exciting rounds, promises an engaging experience for players of all skill levels.

Entry Details:

Free for SF Go Club members

$30 for non-members

Limited Spaces Available:

To ensure an intimate and focused gaming experience, we have limited spaces available. Hurry and secure your spot for a chance to display your Go mastery!

In the true spirit of APEC, where diverse cultures come together, we encourage participants to embrace the tradition of the host country. As a nod to the APEC tradition, consider donning your national attire for an extra touch of flair during the tournament.

This is not just a game; it's a celebration of strategy, intellect, and the unifying power of Go. As we welcome the families of diplomats and APEC attendees, let's make this tournament a spectacle that resonates far beyond the Go board.

How to Register:

Registrations can be completed on the SF Go Club website here:

Join us for a day of intense battles, strategic maneuvers, and the chance to be part of a historic event coinciding with APEC 2023. Let's make our moves on the board echo in the halls of diplomacy!

See you at the board!

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